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Dry Tattooing - Improving Scars and Stretch Marks

Stimulate, Regenerate & Re-heal
  • Brings new life to damaged skin
  • Pigmented scars begin to normalise
  • Surprisingly relaxing treatment
  • Suitable for all skin types
Skin Needling is a procedure that uses tiny needles to prick the very first layer of skin. This process works to induce skin regeneration and boost collagen production.
Dry Tattooing is the most precise and intense form of Skin Needling. The treatment is carried out using a digital tattoo machine but no pigment is used and the machine will run 'dry'.
Dry tattooing only targets the damaged areas skin to relax and reduce scar tissue.
Initial in-depth consultations are carried out over email or WhatsApp 07557789488
Sarah is the only technician at Enliven Skin Care so many photo's sent only be seen by herself and will remain completely confidential.


Does Dry Tattooing hurt?
You are numbed before your treatment and additional numbing can be reapplied during the treatment if necessary.

What will my treatment area look like after treatment?
The treatment area will look very red, and stretch marks will have some swelling.  After a few days the skin goes through a natural and gentle healing process.

How long does the effect last?
All improvements achieved are permanent and new smoother skin will not revert.

How many sessions will I need?
It is always recommended clients commit to a course of 3 treatments.
The first initial treatment would be followed by a second session after 4-6 weeks. The third would be scheduled 6-8 weeks after the second. It is then advised to wait for 6 months before deciding whether any further sessions are required.

What is the cost per session?
Stretch Marks - 1 hand sized area £150, subsequent areas are £75 each.
Scars - Priced on consultation.