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AgeLOC is a proprietary science that targets aging the source

The key to reversing ageing is in your genes. Imagine you could watch your body perform at a genetic level. Your body is an incredible orchestra of genes, created by nature, born perfectly tuned. It plays the song of you and your actions.

Just as orchestras sit in sections, genes work in clusters. Each group has its own specific job to do. Genes express themselves through you.
Imagine your gene expression loses its pitch. Gene Expression changes with age. We want to fine tune our gene expression and restore these clusters to a more youthful structure. Over 30 years of anti-aging gene expression research has gone into the art and science of ageLOC focused on retuning these genes. ageLOC targets multiple genes instead of single genes, to provide the best results of firmer, younger, more youthful looking skin.


Figure 1: The results from a clinical study to illustrate the differences in gene expression activity. Each line represents a single gene for a skin aging attribute. The results indicate up regulation and/or down regulations of genes.

Research has led to the discovery of age-related super markers or “arSuperMarkers”, components of body chemistry that influence how we age and are the ultimate sources of aging. AgeLOC science targets these arSuperMarkers. arNOX was the first arSuperMarker classified. Advances in this outstanding research, have led to the discovery of Youth Gene Clusters (YGCs), key arSuperMarkers. YGCs are functional groups of genes whose activity patterns change over time, which can lead to aging. ageLOC science supports resetting these YGCs to more youthful patterns of activity in order to reduce the signs of aging and reveal a more youthful looking you, now and in the future.