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Cosmeceutical products focused on aesthetics and skin health
RégimA has for several years been formulated for the use of plastic surgeons and dermatologists and skin care professionals internationally. Their products involve extensive use of the finest, potent, natural ingredients from Europe; and some of the world's most powerful medicinal plants from South Africa and other tropical regions. Their indigenous plant ingredients are renowned for wound healing and skin repairing. RégimA products are safe, potent and natural to help restore your skin's youthful appearance, improve skin tone and texture, and bring back that healthy skin glow, irrespective of age.
Many skin problems are associated with excessive build up of dead cells which dull the appearance of the skin. Sun exposure, pollution and other environmental factors can aggravate the skin leading to further damage. RégimA works to 'peel and heal' which is instrumental in restoring, rejuvenating and preserving your skin. Fruit acid combinations gently aid cell turnover and stimulate collagen synthesis. Their products are designed to work synergistically, layering certain ingredients  and products can be layered to  individualise your routine to your specific skin needs. 

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