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ageLOC Nutriol Scalp & Hair System

1 ageLOC Nutriol Scalp & Hair Shampoo
1 ageLOC Nutriol Scalp & Hair Conditioner
1 ageLOC Nutriol Intensive Scalp & Hair Serum

Why you will love it:
Clinical results after 6 months

72% fewer broken hairs*

The clinical grader reported 107% more volume*

The clinical grader reported 106% softer hair*

The clinical grader reported 84% more shine*

 Over 90% of subjects** said their hair had improved in:
Volume, Thickness, Softness, Shine & Healthy Appearance
200ML (Shampoo), 175ML (Conditioner) 75ML (Serum)

Apply a generous amount of shampoo to wet hair and gently massage into scalp and through hair. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. 
Follow with ageLOC Nutriol Scalp & Hair Conditioner. Work an ample amount of conditioner evenly through wet scalp and hair, paying careful attention to your ends and damaged areas. Let the powerful conditioning ingredients nourish your scalp and hair for three to five minutes before you rinse. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. 
Use ageLOC Nutriol Intensive Scalp & Hair Serum on dry or damp hair. Part hair as necessary to mist serum directly onto scalp and roots. Gently massage product into scalp with fingers, comb away any unruly strands, and begin your two-minute ageLOC Galvanic Spa application. Using the Scalp Conductor and selection number five, touch the Conductor directly to scalp and move from front of hairline backward. Do not rinse. Style as usual. 

*Nu Skin Research and Development commissioned a third-party testing house to clinically evaluate the use of the ageLOC Nutriol Scalp & Hair System and Galvanic Spa. The six-month study included males and females with self-described thin and/or damaged hair. Results based on clinical evaluation.
**Results based on user self-perception.