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AgeLOC TR90 90-Day Kit - Lemon Flavour Bars

Your transformation starts here;
TR90 is a 90-day programme that will help you achieve a healthier looking you. This innovative programme will empower you to reach your goals by targeting the sources that stand between you and your balance of well-being. Based on exclusive science that helps you stay motivated as you work towards your goal of unlocking your full potential, this  system consist of:

  • 3 months’ supply of TR90 food supplements: 1 TR90 JS, 3 TR90 Complex C and 3 TR90 Complex F
  • 1 month’s supply of TR90 meal replacement (30 TR90 M-Bars Lemon Crips), plus a voucher offering a 15% discount on 2 package of TR90 M-Bars (30 units/pack)
  • 1 TR90 Programme Guide
  • 1 Transformation Journal with 1 TR90 pen
  • 1 Multilayer Pill Box

Now is the time to start building a happier, healthier you. Are you ready?
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This powerful, comprehensive program is designed to create a healthy, lean body transformation.*

  • Helps support and maintain lean muscle.*

  • Helps you increase healthy metabolism.*

  • Promotes healthy weight loss for a healthier, leaner, younger looking body.*

  • Helps support a positive mood and mindset while dieting.*

  • Helps reduce your food cravings.*

  • Supports healthy appetite control.*

  • Helps you meet your daily optimal protein needs while managing your caloric intake.*

  • Incorporates a scientifically based eating plan designed to help you eat the right foods, in the right proportions, and at the right times throughout the day.*

  • Products leverage innovative gene expression science.*

  • A comprehensive website is dedicated to provide all the support you need to reach your goals.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

When it comes to living well and living young, there’s one obstacle that millions of us are trying to overcome. Whether it’s hunger, lack of willpower, or life getting in the way, reaching a healthy weight and shape is a very difficult endeavor. The desire is there, but you need your mind and body working together—and working for you. Transformation is about more than a number on a scale. It’s about redefining your body composition to build a healthier, leaner you.

Now research reveals that changes in body weight and shape are likely linked to gene expression. By better understanding gene expression, we have developed products that help promote normal metabolism and improve your mindset while helping maintain your lean muscle.

With traditional diets, the weight people lose is part water, part fat, and part muscle. Muscle loss can account for 20 to 40 percent of overall weight loss. And with that loss of metabolically active muscle, metabolism slows down. In fact, for every pound of muscle you lose, as part of your resting energy expenditure (in other words, just sitting around) you burn 25–40 kcals fewer each day.1 With the ageLOC TR90 program, the focus is on redefining your body composition by maintaining more lean muscle through our innovative meal plan and supplements, shifting the balance and making it easier to achieve your goals.