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RegimA - New Expression-365

Your Under Eye Fix
  • Immediate lifting effect
  • Gradual & constant release of actives into the skin
  • Improves lymphatic circulation to reduce puffiness
  • More youthful and contoured looking eyes
This specialist eye cream targets and reduces wrinkles known as crows feet in density and depth with myo-relaxing action - offering fast and reversible muscle and nerve relaxing effects around the delicate eye area where the use of injectable BOTOX is restricted.
The combination of technology advanced peptides also fades dark circles under the eye and decongestions puffiness. By forming a continuous film with a tensor effect this eye cream has a supreme preventative and revitalising action.

Key Ingredients:
Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Complex - activates genes involved in skin renewal
Anti-Puffiness Complex - stimulates skin drainage
Anti-Dark Circles Complex - peptides reinforce firmness and tone
Eye Contour Complex - reduces crows feet
Olive Extract - to moisturise and prevent UV damage

Size: 20ml
Use in the morning and evening after cleansing. Apply a pine nut sized drop to each under eye area including crows feet and between the eyebrow.
Do not apply to the upper eye lid.